hope from heartbreak

Do you feel that? The weight, it’s slowing lifting from your crushed heart. Do you feel that little bit of lightness in your gut? It’s telling you that you are going to be okay - maybe not right now, or right now, maybe you even feel okay. You’re starting to see each day as a step - out of the darkness and into the light. That little bit of lightness is called hope - and it’s the strongest, most powerful, most delicate, resilient and beautiful thing that will never, ever leave you. It’s the deep knowing that you are worthy and loved - it exists, even when you don’t feel it. It exists within you, within blue skies and storm clouds, within loved ones and strangers, and you exist here. You exist here, now - for yourself and for others. 

I know right now you don’t have a “someone” and you’re grieving the loss of the someone you thought he would be. It hurts. It stings. Let it. It is okay. You’re okay. You’re okay. You’re okay. And one day, you’re going to be so, so happy again because you had the courage, the self worth and the intuition to know that you deserve the love you’re willing to give someone else. 

Fertilizer smells like shit because it is shit. And what you’re going through right now is shit. Heartbreak, disappointment, unmet expectations are all shit. But that is how you grow, flower. That is how you grow. 

Tinsley Music